artwork by anne
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History of my photos
In 1992 I went to Australia for work experience as a surveying student. I spent 7 months there, almost 2 months travelling around. In Australia I started to take seacapes, landscape, still life and detail photos. By this time I got to know some amazing photos by Peter Dombrowski, an australian photographer. He specialised in landscape photography. His work and that of other photographers, like american Brett Weston and french Yann Arthus-Bertrand („The Earth from above“), influences my work until today. I still like to take seascape and still life photos and I found it interesting to inspect an old rusty airplane for detail pictures. I hope you enjoy my artwork.
ice and snow landscape/ nature metal/wood- color composition seascape/ water still life/object structure/ texture/ pattern
Amrum 1 (analog), 2001
Amrum 2 (analog), 2001
Amrum 3 (analog), 2001
Water 1 (analog), 1997
Water 2 (analog), 1997
Bike (analog), 1997
Lofoten - Cloud (analog), 2003
Spring (analog), 2004
Floatplane - Lake Hood, 2007
Low Tide, 2007
Water on metal, 2007
San Pedro 2012-1
San Pedro 2012-2
San Pedro 2012-3
San Pedro 2012-4
San Pedro 2012-5
Fishing at Eklutna Tailrace, 2012
Fishing at Kenai, 2012
Mt. Redoubt at Sunset, 2012
home resume/ exhibitions/ publications photos paintings, encaustic/ mixed media/ prints sculptures contact